Review of the Fibrum Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Fibrum Portable Virtual Reality Kit with Unlimited Fibrum App Downloads - 4"-6" Screen Smartphones
  • A full collection of 33 mobile VR apps is included!
  • Compatible with smartphones on iOS and Android, screen size is from 4 to 6 inches.

Virtual reality has become more interesting thanks to the numerous innovatively designed headset brands out there. As such, you have to carry out extensive market research to identify the headset that could give you incredible VR content.

When I heard of Fibrum Pro VR headset, I knew I might have found the accessory that could completely transform my life. Read on to learn what I found about this amazing product!

Things to Consider when Buying VR Headset

The Type of VR Headset

When shopping for a VR headset, you have to decide on the type to purchase depending on how you will power it.

For instance, you could find a mobile VR headset that you could use with your smartphone, a PC-powered VR headset, or a standalone VR headset.

If you are looking for a high-end VR experience, the PC –powered VR headset will give you a fantastic moment.

The Controllers

How accurate the controllers of your headset are will determine how much fun you have because it will provide accurate interaction with the VR environment.

You need a headset that will locate different points so you can reach out as much as possible. Although the standalone and mobile VR headsets come with excellent controllers, their controllers are still inferior when compared to those of the PC VR headset.


Tracking is a significant difference in many of the middle to high-end VR systems. While some use external sensors, others use inside-out tracking (cameras on the headset), and still, others only have orientation tracking (only tracking your head turns).

If you want to be very active in your virtual environment, moving around and being able to move your hands freely while they are tracked, you are better off with a system that uses external sensors. If you plan to stand or sit in one position and not be too active with your hands an inside-out tracking system should work fine for you (as will the external sensors).

Field of View

When buying a VR headset, you ought to look out for the field of view that it provides. Although majority of the brands have a FOV of 110-130°, you could find others offering a wider view with a 360° peripheral vision.

This is because the wider the field of view, the clearer the images will be, which means that your entertainment time will be more interesting.

A Review of Fibrum Pro VR HeadseT

Fibrum Portable Virtual Reality Kit with Unlimited Fibrum App Downloads - 4"-6" Screen Smartphones
  • A full collection of 33 mobile VR apps is included!
  • Compatible with smartphones on iOS and Android, screen size is from 4 to 6 inches.

Fibrum Pro VR headset is a full system that will allow you to creatively explore the virtual reality environment using your smartphone. This portable headset comes with over 20 VR apps that you can access on Google Play, Apple, and Windows Phone Stores.

Unlike the immediate competing brands that have limited uses, Fibrum Pro is compatible with the Google Cardboard apps that are the backbone of computer reality.

This means that it will be suitable for any user looking for an innovative VR headset that he or she can take to wherever the fun is. This is because it is super lightweight and features a compact design that makes it easy to move or store.

Features and Benefits of Fibrum Pro VR Headset

Full Collection of VR Apps

Fibrum Pro VR Headset is a brand extraordinarily designed by Fibrum Ltd, a company based in Moscow, Russia. It is built for computer reality functionality, thus surpassing some of the top VR headset brands in the market.

Fibrum Pro VR Headset is uniquely created with a full collection of 33 of the latest mobile VR apps. This way, you will get to enjoy your game, video, or movie in an enticing virtual reality atmosphere.

Excellent Smartphone Compatibility

You can readily use this mobile VR headset with almost any device since it is compatible with iOS and Android systems. You, however, should know that some users have previously complained of the limited iOS and Android compatibility since the headset is not MFi compliant.

To improve this feature, the manufacturer needs to correct the controller to improve its working efficiency. You, however, will appreciate the Bluetooth technology featured because it means that you can stay connected with your smartphone.

Compact Design

With a screen size of 4 by 6 inches, you are sure to get the desired view of each image readily without straining your eyes on a small display. It is also thoughtfully built with a design that allows easy use of the Head Mount Display.

Some users, however, tend to think that the headset looks like a toy, something that might put you off if you don’t fancy toy-looking devices.

Easy to Set Up for Phone Centring

If you previously used a universal VR headset, you must have experienced some difficulties with HMD since it often takes up much of a user’s time. You, however, can readily set up this headset and obtain phone centring to enjoy the premium content library it comes with.

When it comes to centring, the set of springs included in this device will come in handy. With these, you get to achieve horizontal and vertical centring even though the app can automatically enable fast-centring.

Sliding your smartphone in and out of the Fibrum headset is also easy since the manufacturer aims to give you an easy time by making the headset quick-to-use.

Super Lightweight

Fibrum Pro VR Headset weighs approximately 120 grams, which means that it is super lightweight for convenient portability. It also has a compact body so you can stow it in your small bag and be on your way.

In fact, this headset might just be the smallest and lightest brand you’ll find in the market. You, therefore, can travel with it to add thrill to your tour adventures.

Wide Field of View

This VR headset features a 110° field of view that is wide enough for you to get even a peripheral vision.

This is made even better by the premium quality glass lenses that the headset is built with to ensure that you won’t need further configurations after set up.

Nonetheless, it will not fit over glasses, which means that you have to take them off before using it.

Head Tracking Technology

The head tracking technology comes in handy if you want to add a little action into your entertainment.

Premium Quality Material

The plastic used is of premium quality for durability, and it is hypoallergenic to make it safe to use. This means that it is a great headset for mass use since you won’t have to worry about a replacement anytime soon.

This headset is made using top-grade plastic. A few users, however, argue that it feels cheap and the plastic used might compromise on the quality.

Standard Quality Lenses

The connections, sensors, display, panel size, resolution, refresh rate, and audio are all dependent on the phone you’re using. Some users, however, feel that although this virtual reality headset comes with high-end lenses for a quality view, they should be adjustable depending on how you want the images to appear.

While Fibrum Pro VR Headset is made with some eye-catching features, it may be a little too pricey considering that you have to buy an external controller separately.

Social Proof

As I browsed to find more about Fibrum Pro VR headset, I came across multiple users who recognized Fibrum Pro VR headset as one of the lightest and most portable headset in the market. Most of them also say that this headset has a top notch view thanks to its excellent field of view.

Some of the users also love the fact that you can access a series of Fibrum apps since the headset is sold with a card to download a number of VR apps for free.

Nonetheless, some users find this headset faulty in that the apps are inaccessible once the trial period is over and you’ve not paid the subscription fee. Other users argue that the headset experiences compatibility issues with some smartphones.


Check out the alternatives of Fibrum Pro VR headset;


NOON VR PRO with PC-to-VR Streaming & Built-in Stereo Headphones for Cinematic & Gaming Experience
  • NOON VR remote software enables pc-to-vr streaming to watch any videos on your headset via Wi-Fi
  • Connect up to three devices on the same home Wi-Fi network for shared viewing with friends and Family

This is the headset you need when you want a more innovative alternative of Fibrum Pro VR headset.

It will properly fit any device with a display measuring approximately 4.7 to 5.7 inch.


Google Daydream View

Google Daydream View - VR Headset for Smartphone (Slate)
  • Don't just see the world, experience it. With daydream view, you can teleport from virtually anywhere to Pretty much everywhere.;Handy Storage
  • Browse from an ever-growing Collection of apps and games in the daydream app - a home for all of your virtual reality experiences.

The other alternative is Google Daydream View VR headset that provides the best way to create the magical reality of your game, video, or movie wherever you go.

This headset is compatible with all DAYDREAM-READY phones.


HTC VIVE Reality System

HTC America Vive Virtual Reality System
  • FLEXIBLE PLAY AREA - Use VIVE seated, standing or in a space up to 11'5" x 11'5". SteamVR Tracking provides the most ideal experience possible, so play the way that works for you.
  • FULLY IMMERSIVE - Realistic movement and actions from precise, 360-degree controller and headset tracking with realistic graphics, directional audio and HD haptic feedback in the virtual world

With its features, HTC VIVE reality system is definitely an upgrade from Fibrum Pro VR headset.

This headset is built with 2 base stations, which means that you can use it while seated, standing, or in a space.


Final Verdict

Fibrum Pro VR headset is the accessory to get if you intend to improve the quality of your entertainment right from the comfort of your home. It makes playing video games more interesting and watching of movies more entertaining. With its wide field of view, you can see the images clearly each time.

The glass lenses also make virtual reality a dream view since you need no configuration setup to gain a vivid view.

We, therefore, highly recommend Fibrum Pro as a reliable VR headset that will bring your imagination to reality.

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