Mobfish VR Studio Software Review

I’m an ideas guy.

I have a lot of cool things running through my mind, but when it comes to computers, I often can’t because I don’t know how to program. With VR, this is a huge roadblock for me as well as many others.

This is where Mobfish (click here & try it now!) comes in.

The company promises an easy-to-use service that allows anyone to create a VR app. Does it deliver?

Read our Mobfish review to find out.

Things to Consider Before Buying VR Software

When it comes to software development, there is a lot to break down. Users need to look at the following before deciding to drop some coin on VR development software:

The ideal consumer for VR editing software is a user that’s dedicated to actually putting something out.

If you’re not sure about developing an app, you shouldn’t put your money toward one.

If you are set on it though, you’re in the right place to find out if Mobfish is for you.

Presenting Mobfish VR Software

The homepage of

Mobfish is a piece of cloud-based VR software, which lets you develop apps that feature 360-degree video and photo content. The service promises cross-platform compatibility as well as offline availability.

Mobfish claims their product requires little training, and in my case this was accurate as I had the basics down in a short amount of time.


Features and Benefits of Mobfish V

As is to be expected of a product like mobfish VR STUDIO, the company delivers a lot of different features, which each have benefits. Some of these features and benefits include:

Ease of Use

How mobfish works

Okay, I can’t say that mobfish is as easy as dropping and clicking go, but it is pretty easy to use.

I used the documentation provided to get a good start on my software in under an hour.

I specifically like how the company breaks down the sections to set your app up “just right”.

The product is very good in this aspect.


In the past, I’ve had some problems with cloud processing of my videos, as the quality just isn’t there. This isn’t the case with mobfish though, as their online transcoding works well and I’m yet to notice any artifacts or pixelization from my videos being converted.

The app building quality is also pretty good, but you need to have that talent to make the product what it is. With that being said, the tools provided are good enough that if you have the skill, others will think you shopped the work out to another developer.



One thing that a lot of VR developers do that’s a mistake is not make their apps interactive.

Too many are a “click to start” and then require nothing else of the user.

Mobfish does allow for interactivity to be built in, which is key for use cases like education or show floor demos.

Different Uses

As I mentioned above, there are multiple ways to use the mobfish service.

The service can be used to educate, be used as a marketing tool, trade show tool, and more.

In the end, the software is what you make of it, and will go as far as your mind takes you.

App Library

There are a ton of apps available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Some are free, and others cost you. These apps range from simple games to 360-degree video apps. YouTube has an entire VR section you can check out, and it’s mostly free.

Keep in mind, however, that these apps are limited. You cannot play the higher-end VR games that require more processing power or full motion tracking.

What Others Are Saying About Mobfish

If you’ve read any of my other VR reviews, I always go looking for different opinions to see whether I’m off base or not. With mobfish VR STUDIO, there isn’t a ton of information out there about user reviews or such.

I did find some user apps and videos, which you can see below:

Play Video
Play Video

Mobfish does have a YouTube channel as well where they explain the service.

Of course, since Mobfish is a German company, you’ll have to have YouTube auto-translate the captions to your native language to make heads or tails of what they’re saying. But!

They have released their first video in English about how to create your very own VR app within a few minutes:

Play Video

Alternatives to Mobfish VR

Since VR technology is still a niche category, you won’t find a ton of different apps for editing and creating VR software. With that said, there are still a few different choices to create VR apps or videos. Some of these alternatives include:


The homepage of

InstaVR is very similar to mobfish, as both allow you to create white label style apps that integrate VR video and photos. In terms of usability, I’d say that I give the edge to mobfish, but you really couldn’t go wrong either way.



The Headjack app is wonderful as well, with the service offering up VR content management, analytics, and custom app creation. Headjack has been used by big-name groups like Nat Geo and Nasa but is easy enough to use to be used by just about anyone.



Mobfish’s VR editing software is an excellent pro-grade service that’s ideal if your computer can’t handle processing VR video. I love the ease of use and various use cases for the software. I definitely recommend this to users who’re looking to develop a VR video app.

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