MERGE AR/VR Headset Review

Merge VR Headset - Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Headset, Play Educational Games and watch 360 Degree Videos, STEM Tool for Classroom and Home, Works with iPhone and Android (Pulsar Purple)
  • Go anywhere - Take 100’s of virtual field trips and experience learning firsthand; explore the solar system, walk with dinosaurs, travel the world, and experience life from new perspectives. Find 360-degree videos and experiences at Merge Miniverse online.
  • Award-winning - The Merge Headset has been named as Best Virtual Reality Headset for Big Kids and Tweens, and Winner of the Academic's Choice Award.

Prior to my birthday, I had never truly experienced a VR game of any kind.

Sure, I had played the “realistic experience” arcade games, but I hadn’t taken the time to truly try a VR headset out.

Instead, I had spent quite a lot of time wishing that I had a more immersive way to interact with the games I played on the regular, which was a common complaint.

Recently, however, I came across the Merge VR headset, which provided a realistic VR experience with an affordable price tag.

VR Headset Setbacks

Each person is going to experience virtual reality a little bit differently, naturally. Therefore, before purchasing any type of VR headset – up to and including the Merge VR headset – it’s important to consider what you are expecting from a virtual reality headset before making your purchase.

The market, currently, is full of different types of virtual reality headsets. There are dozens of brands that have crafted different types of headsets that will give you a different virtual reality experience, as well as dozens of different styles and materials with which the headsets can be made.

Important factors to consider are the durability – for instance, a cardboard virtual reality headset may not be best for you if you believe you are going to be traveling often and it may receive some wear and tear on the road.

Furthermore, if you find traditional headsets to be too heavy, a cardboard headset may work best for you in this particular case.

Moreover, one should consider the kind of experience you’re hoping for. For instance, if you want to find yourself fully immersed in the game you are playing, it may be best to utilize a more advanced headset, or even possibly a VR helmet.

However, if you are crafty and are looking for the experience of creating a headset, you may find that a DIY headset is more applicable to your current needs.

There are several different factors to consider, which is why it is important to read the product specifications and reviews prior to making your purchase.

The Merge VR Headset

Merge VR Headset - Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Headset, Play Educational Games and watch 360 Degree Videos, STEM Tool for Classroom and Home, Works with iPhone and Android (Pulsar Purple)
  • Go anywhere - Take 100’s of virtual field trips and experience learning firsthand; explore the solar system, walk with dinosaurs, travel the world, and experience life from new perspectives. Find 360-degree videos and experiences at Merge Miniverse online.
  • Award-winning - The Merge Headset has been named as Best Virtual Reality Headset for Big Kids and Tweens, and Winner of the Academic's Choice Award.

Unlike many of your traditional VR headsets, the Merge VR headset has a few features which allow it to present itself as a particularly promising product.

The product itself is marketed towards children ages 10 and up and presents itself relatively professionally. When searching the product online, in the product description, you are able to find a reference to the company’s website, which will allow you to test if your smartphone or other device is compatible with the headset, taking the guesswork out of determining if the headset is the correct fit for your particular device.

Furthermore, the headset promises to be durable and drop resistant, meaning that in the event you accidentally allow your headset to slip, you need not to worry – the headset itself will be fine. Plus, the headset also promises that in the event of a drop, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your phone, either.

The product design allows the smartphone to be held in place, even if the headset were to be dropped and bounce – meaning your device is as safe as it would be if it were in a traditional phone case.

A Breakdown of the Merge VR Headset

The Merge headset brings a lot to the table – in many cases, it offers more than it’s competitors as far as the ability to provide you with an immersive experience while also remaining durable, while also marketing itself as being exceptionally user-friendly.

Below, you’ll find information on the specific features of the product and how they may be beneficial to you in your VR journey.

The Design

Overall, the design of the Merge VR headset is phenomenal – it is lightweight, coming in at approximately 12 ounces total. This allows for portability of the headset itself, making it less bulky than traditional VR helmets, which are often hard to carry. Furthermore, it comes in two different colors, purple and black, allowing those who are looking for something a bit brighter to have the option of personalization.

Moreover, it’s also much more compact than other virtual reality headsets – it’s much smaller, while still allowing for customization of the lens width to provide the wearer with the ideal experience when wearing the headset. While it may be smaller than traditional VR headsets on the market, this ultimately is a bonus – the ability to take up less space means the headset can more easily be taken on long road tripped, as well as be easily stored away for later use.


One of the most important aspects to many VR headset wearers is how the headset itself feels when being worn. Many reviews online sight that the headset itself is easily wearable – thanks to it’s small and compact form, the headset fits comfortably on an individual’s face without feeling as though it is too tight, or sitting in the incorrect spot.

This has to do with the adjustability functions of the headset itself, which allow you to adjust the position of the lens to your correct distance – similar to those who wear eyeglasses.

The headset also has padding around the eyes designed to conform to the wearer’s face, making the headset more comfortable to wear on a whole as there is a reduction of uncomfortable pressure from the headset sitting on sinuses or along the cheekbones and pressing in for long periods of time.

Furthermore, online reviews say that despite the headset’s relatively small size, the overall experience of wearing the headset itself is great, and the headset provides enough space to be worn while also wearing the user’s typical eyeglasses, which is a perk.


One of the best features about this headset is its wide range of compatibility. The manufacturers link to a website in which you can test whether or not your phone is compatible with this particular headset, allowing you to not have to guess if the device will properly fit in this particular headset, which many individuals have praised in the past.

As far as games go, there is a wide selection of AR compatible games that can be played on the Merge headset. Most traditional applications that are made to be VR or AR compatible can be used with the headset, allowing you to play the games.

While some games may require additional equipment to use and not all games are going to be compatible, the vast majority of AR games will run well when used with the Merge VR headset. For many users, this means there is a wide range of free to play games, as well as paid games, that can be used to enjoy the virtual reality experience through the Merge headset.


Another perk to this particular headset is its basic functionality. With buttons on the headset that allow you to control and interact with onscreen content, the headset itself is easy to use. Furthermore, many individuals have sighted that the buttons are easy to find and press, even if you move your hands away from them originally, and others have stated that the leverage action of the buttons is ideal, meaning that interacting with games through the headset is a flawless experience and one that many would recommend in comparison to other headsets.

Reviews for the Merge VR headset

After some careful internet research, I discovered that the best reviews for the Merge VR headset were on the product’s Amazon webpage, where many individuals had already posted promising reviews of the product.

Many individuals stated that although they had had issues with other similar headset styles in the past, they found this particular headset to be the most user-friendly. Furthermore, they determined that in most cases, the headset fit the best, and provided the clearest image when playing any sort of games. The users also stated that there were a wide variety of types of games that could be used with this particular headset, making it a great choice. Currently, the device is priced relatively low, comparatively, unlike other similar virtual reality headset models, giving the Merge headset a further advantage.

Alternatives to the Merge VR Headset

There are several different alternatives that can be compared to the Merge headset, such as:

The VeeR VR Falcon Headset

VeeR VR Headset with Control, Virtual Reality Goggles Compatible with Android, Suit for 4.7-6.0 Inch Screen Cell Phone Virtual Reality Headsets for VR Videos & Games
  • VeeR Virtual Reality Headset with Control is designed as a basic virtual reality goggles for VR experiences. Good for VR games, education and videos.
  • 3.5mm headphones connector, not suit for Lighting or Type C. Built in HiFi active noise canceling around-ear headphones give you crisp, powerful sound and quiet that helps you enjoy your VR world better.

The VeeR VR headset comes at a much higher price point than the Merge headset, coming in in the mid-range price point in comparison.

However, this particular headset comes with a remote included, which may allow for a variety of other games to be played as some VR games to require an additional remote control to be used in order to access all features of the games.

This particular model is limited to the types of phones it is compatible with, as it only supports the most recent and popular Samsung and iPhone devices. The differences between the two include:

Therefore it is possible that this will be a good option for you if you care about the overall noise cancelation quality, as well as if you intend to play more interactive games on specific phone models.


This particular headset comes in only slightly more expensive than the Merge headset, allowing it to be considered in the more affordable range of virtual reality headsets. Some things to consider when reviewing this headset include the following limitations the headset provides:

However, this particular model does also come with a remote, making it a good option for those who are interested in being able to play games requiring remote control function. Despite this, this headset model is able to accommodate most 4 to 6-inch phone screens, making a great choice for those who have alternative devices that they would like to use with a virtual reality headset.

DESTEK V4 VR Headset

DESTEK V4 VR Headset a relatively popular among virtual reality gamers thanks to several features that individuals may find beneficial, such as:

Ultimately, this headset is recommended if you are interested in the overall immersive experience, as it focuses primarily on making it feel as though you are not in a game but as if you are truly experiencing the game.


Overall, the Merge headset does what one would expect it to do – it provides an immersive virtual reality experience to the user at a fair and affordable price point. While it may not be the fanciest model on the market currently, and while it does not come with a remote control, it does give the user a fantastic and immersive overall experience.

Additional items for the headset can be purchased separately, though most find that with the buttons and functionality included on the Merge headset that they do not need a controller to play most games, making it a great and simple virtual reality headset for anyone who wants to just begin understanding what virtual reality is and how it works.

If you would like to look further into the technicalities of the product, you can always click here to find out more information in regards to how the product works!

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