2019’s Top-Rated Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone 7 & Plus

Virtual reality has transformed the way we view things on our display devices. This wonderful technology now allows you to observe the world in a whole new way. Today with virtual reality headset you could enjoy greater experience while playing games, watching video and much more.

Big companies like Apple might not have designed theirs. but you should know that there are great models compatible with iPhones.

Read on as we bring you excellent buying guides and selections of the best VR headset for iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

What’s the Best Way to use iPhone 7+ VR headset gear?

Before you could enjoy this technology, a compatible virtual reality headset has to come in handy. Once you have it, first you will need a Virtual reality enabled app on your iPhone.There are great apps available on online stores and one of the best include Cardboard app.
Once you have it installed, insert your iPhone into the headset. But depending on its attachment mechanisms, you will need to slide, Clip, or clasp the iPhone unto it. After that, hang it on your head or hold it close to your eyes. Focus your eyes toward the lenses to experience a virtual reality environment. You could also adjust the lenses to suit your eye view.
But this depends on the model because not all come with this feature.

Great Tips on How to Get the Top Goggles

Due to the many morels available on the market, it might be pretty tricky to make the right choice.
But there’s no need to worry because we’ll provide you with great tips that will help get the best when shopping for one.

Read through the Reviews

On online stores, customers do put down good reviews if they love the model they purchased. They will also do the same, if there are hiccups with some of its parts such as lenses, face pieces, head straps,  and many more. Hence, read the reviews where buyers share their happiness or complaint.
Don’t also forget to check if it has overheating problems.

Look for VR Headset with Adjustable Lenses

iPhone 7 VR headset gear with Adjustable lenses will help those with vision problems. This feature allows you to adjust the focus of the lenses for a clearer view.

Also, with this in place, you could tweak the lenses to become thinner or broader,  or in and out to fit your eye.

Get the Right size

Don’t forget that the iPhone will be locked into it, and you will also have to stick it up on your head. For this reason, you should consider the weight, size and if it will fit your face.

Hence, if you don’t have a headache, and eye problems, get one with a nice form-fitting cushion and a good set of head straps.

Cost of Virtual Reality Glasses

Getting a pricey one doesn’t mean it will work great and provide you with great comfort. Cheaper ones could also lead to greater frustration.

But one thing is that you should consider the features that best suit your needs.


This is one of the most important things to consider because not all work great with iPhone 7 and 7 plus.
So, make sure you check that the phone is listed in the product description.

Input controller

Virtual reality headset with touch functionality or Remote control gives a more interactive experience.  However, it all depends on your specific needs.

To enjoy a better interactive experience, ia best you get one with a remote control feature.

Other Great Features to have in Mind

Aside compatibility and quality built there are other great features you should consider.
These include lenses, built-in earphones, fitted Cushion head traps, and much more.

With this in place, it gives more comfort and exciting experience.

What Are the Benefits of Using VR For iPhone 7?

VR headset provide you with great benefits.

Let’s give you a few reasons that will make you want to get iPhone 7 plus VR headset.

View the World around us from A Different Perspective

Some people think the device is another way to watch Videos or play games, but there are so much more to it. The device provides a better way on how you could view the world at large.
Nothing feels so good to experience different environments at a particular place. With VR headset you could view the world in a whole new level.

Gives a Great Learning Experience

If you could remember, it might be challenging to learn about something by reading through it. But, you could learn better when experiencing it.
That’s how VR headset works; it gives you a learning environment that will make you pick up new skill faster.

Provide Better Entertainment

Yes, it gives a clear view while playing your cool video and games. With the smart phone lock into the front, it gives you the feeling of partaking in everything going. 
For Facebook’s space lovers, you could also use it to socialize with your friends.

Reviews Of the Best VR Headset iPhone 7 And 7 Plus

It is certain that from the information provided above you’ve gotten great insight.
Now, let’s reveal to you the reviews of the best iPhone 7 and 7 plus VR headset.
First, on the list of iPhone 7 VR gear, we have the BNext 3D Virtual Reality Headset.
This 3d goggles for iPhone 7 and 7 plus pack a punch of exciting features. It stands out as one of the best for your practical entertainment needs.
  • It comes with an excellent price for its functions.
  • The headset has comfortable padding around the face.
  • Adjustable for all head sizes.
  • ​Its motion tracking features make it perform like an iPhone 7 Plus Google cardboard.
  • Decent full field of view.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It has space around for proper ventilation.
  • This headset has no buttons and no controllers. This makes it impossible for you to interact with the virtual world.
  • The headset can distract users because of the leakage of light around the face and the temples.
  • Not compatible with large spectacles
  • The quality of the image depends on the type of phone used.
GEARSONE joins the list as a worthy investment for first timers and veterans.
The product comes with many exciting features.
  • ​Gives more comfort as it comes with nice padding around the eyes.
  • Adjustable straps allow this headset to fit all head sizes.
  • ​It comes with a mini controller that allows you to navigate the virtual environment
  • The phone tray secures the phone keeping it safe from falls
  • Focus scroll allows for easy adjustment and lateral movement.
  • It has a Storage bag.
  • Fits all most phones making it an ideal iPhone 7 VR headset.
  • The controller does not support Google Daydream.
  • It does not come with batteries.
  • Heavier than most headsets.
  • Too small to use with spectacles.
  • You get more experience only with 3D games.
If you’re looking for one of the best in the market, here is an excellent choice for you. It has a fantastic design and other exciting features not familiar with other models.
This upgraded version also works with most phone models.
  • ​Lightweight than most models.
  • The magnetic button allows for easy navigation of apps.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Better sound output.
  • Made from weak materials.
  • Right lens creates a blurry image.
  • The item produces heat during use which fogs up the lenses.
The model has no top-notch features. However, it offers the best quality among the cheaper models. It can serve as an ideal option for a user that wants to try virtual reality for the first time.
It weighs 1. 15lbs and offers an immersive broad 120° view which comes as a desirable feature.
  • Low price.
  • ​It offers a better option for augmented reality.
  • ​Ideal vision adjustment options.
  • It produces poor sound quality than other models.
  • ​GPU and CPU of the phone limit the performance of the headset.
  • Restricted software support.
  • You cannot control the volume or select items in the VR mode.
This item has unique features making it one of the best brands in the industry. Good enough to use as an iPhone 7 VR headset, it has an ergonomic design that catches the eye.
It also offers comfort when used for gaming or watching virtual reality content.
  • Includes apps to which enhance the VR experience.
  • ​It comes with a Bluetooth controller.
  • Headsets perform well during virtual gaming.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Ideal for people who use spectacles.
  • Poor instructions in the provided manual.
  • Less performance with some movies and apps.
  • Poor graphics quality.
  • Remote controls only music played on the phone.
  • This product does not come with pre-installed games.
  • The remote has compatibility issues with the iPhone 8 plus.
The Pansonite brand makes virtual entertainment more fun.
It stands out has one of the best virtual reality for iPhone 7 Plus and other IOS products.
  • ​High quality for its price.
  • Unlimited access to most apps and websites.
  • T shaped straps provide comfort during extended periods of use.
  • The headset allows you to use all iPhone 7 Plus Google Cardboard VR games and apps.
  • ​Clear graphics than most budget models.
  • Less light leakage from the headset.
  • Easy to set up even without using the manual.
  • The brand offers a refund if the headset works less than expected.
  • Impressive audio quality.
  • Does not suggest a wide range of apps.
  • Lenses fog up.
  • Light from the natural environment might disturb your VR experience.
  • Limited content in its library.
Yes, we couldn’t leave this one behind. Google cardboard came into play in 2014 and it has become one of the popular low budget options in the market.
The headset is made of cardboard; the product has a simple design.
  • One of the cheapest headsets available.
  • An ideal choice for first-time users of VR entertainment.
  • It works well with Google 360° apps.
  • ​Does not need installation.
  • Does not provide an ideal viewing experience for veterans of VR entertainment.
  • The rubber band has an unpleasant smell for some users.
  • Not a good fit for people who use glasses.
  • ​The cardboard material can hurt the skin.
  • Does not support IOS apps.
  • You cannot adjust the lenses of this headset.
  • Poor visual quality.
  • The product has no padding around the facial area.
  • Sweat stains the cardboard material easy.
  • Motion sickness follows after long periods of use.
  • Not compatible with most apps.
  • The item cannot support the weight of more massive phones.

Wrap Up

To enjoy greater experience and more fun we recommend Gearsone Virtual Reality Headset.

What makes this our top pick? Unlike most headsets, it stands as a comfortable headset to set up making it an excellent choice for all ages to use. Not only does it require less effort it also provides unrestricted access to most apps and sites.

The Gearsone model  gives a rich graphics experience. Although not as high end as utopia 360° iPhone 7 Plus VR headsets,  it still offers a better experience for its price.

Unlike most of the products on our list, Gearsone comes with a controller. With this feature, navigation becomes easy.

The sturdy design comes as another reason why you should choose this item.
This product does not match with high-end devices, but it offers remarkable functions. You should also note that other brands mentioned also have their bright sides after all.

In all, your choice comes down to personal preference.

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