Vibe Essentials VR Headset Review

I have tried my hand at many VR headsets over the years.

Unfortunately, about 80% of the stuff I try out ends up being crap. This is the case with the Vibe VR headset, which sucks more than my mom’s Hoover vacuum.

In this Vibe VR Headset review, I’ll let you know why this may be among the worst devices I’ve ever used.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mobile VR Headset

Mobile VR is great for consumers looking to break into the VR market without spending a fortune.

Because of this, there are some potential pitfalls that you need to think about so that you don’t end up wasting your time and money. Some things to think about include:

Your Device

Your smartphone is what actually powers your mobile VR experience. You’ll want to make sure that your phone is capable of displaying VR experiences, and that your phone will fit in the VR headset you’re looking at.

Getting either of these wrong is a surefire way to screw the pooch in regards to your VR experience.

Your VR Expectations

If you’re expecting to go through and get a VR experience like you’d have with a Vive or Rift on mobile, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Mobile VR is better tailored for watching 360 videos or small experiences, so you’ll want to make sure you’re thinking of this before you dip your toes in.

What is Your Budget?

Generally speaking, mobile VR won’t break the bank in terms of headset cost, but you don’t want to get the cheapest headset either, as they’re generally garbage.

You should always at least look toward the middle-of-the-road devices unless you want all the bells and whistles that come with higher-end devices.

Presenting the Vibe VR Headset

The Vibe VR Headset is a mobile-centric device that is put out by no-name manufacturer Vibe Essentials. The device is primarily made of plastic and is simply meant to have you drop your phone in and go.

The headset is virtually identical to the 90% of other cheap VR headsets out there, as its made of plastic and is lightweight. There really isn’t much that stands out here to list as being different from the competition.


Features & Benefits of the Vibe VR Headset

Video Quality of the Vibe

The video quality you get from mobile VR depends heavily on your phone, but the headset does play a role.

You’ll end up seeing that the lenses and field of vision present in the headset do contribute, but with the Vibe things are a bit suspect. The lenses gave me some distortion, even when compared to other cheap headsets.

This ended up making my visual experience less than ideal, despite using a smartphone with a really good display (Galaxy S9).

Audio Quality of the Headset

If you’re going to use this headset, you need a set of headphones.

The Vibe’s containment area for the phone does a poor job of allowing audio to pass through, so you get a muffled audio experience that makes audio sound like a Peanuts teacher.

Play Video

My recommendation would be to use wired headphones or a good pair of Bluetooth headphones so that you don’t get lag with audio.

Comfort (or Lack Thereof)

I hate how this headset feels on my head. The weird thing is that it isn’t wildly different from other mobile headsets, but it just feels like I’m wearing a brick. Despite only being about a pound with a phone inside, the Vibe doesn’t sit well on my head, and it just ends up giving me a headache.

The foam also seemed to itch my face and the straps are more uncomfortable than having “the talk” with your grandmother.

The Overall Experience

Seeing as how you have to use third party software to use the Vibe (there isn’t any first party aggregate), I question why I would even need to use this headset. It’s not comfortable. It doesn’t do anything all that great, and there are plenty of other options out there.

My overall experience with the Vibe is extremely lackluster, and I was quickly looking for any other device I could find to watch YouTube VR in.

What Others Are Saying About the Vibe VR Headset

I know that I’m being really harsh on this headset, so I wanted to see what others had to say. I went through Amazon and found two glowing (and short) reviews, but I reckon that they’re fakes.

I did find this review on eBay that seemed to back up my claims: “For $14 you can’t complain but then again if you don’t mind watching this thing with one eye it’s okay but you’ll never be able to use both your eyes. Good thing it’s only $14. It should be $5 cuz that’s all it’s worth.”

I also found another reviewer from eBay that did like it, saying: “Comfortable and securely holds phone. Impressive step up from google cardboard for the price. Deffo recommend, only issue is glasses can’t be worn with it and lenses are not movable so can cause some blurring.”

Alternatives to the Vibe VR Headset

Even though I hate this headset, there are some good mobile VR devices out there. I think you’re better off going with the following choices:

Samsung Gear VR

SAMSUNG Gear VR w/Controller (2017) SM-R325NZVAXAR (US Version w/Warranty)
  • Be transported to amazing new worlds, in games, video and images. 360° experience. Weight 0.76lbs
  • Use the intuitive controller that comes in the box to drop, point, select and Drag with a Wave of your wrist

Okay, this option is more expensive than the Vibe, but it’s like going from a Pinto up to a Ferarri.

The headset delivers a top-notch experience, includes a controller, and has a ton of games and apps for users to experience. You do have to have a compatible Samsung phone though, so if you don’t, look at the other options.


Noon VR Pro Headset

NOON VR PRO with PC-to-VR Streaming & Built-in Stereo Headphones for Cinematic & Gaming Experience
  • NOON VR remote software enables pc-to-vr streaming to watch any videos on your headset via Wi-Fi
  • Connect up to three devices on the same home Wi-Fi network for shared viewing with friends and Family

The Noon VR Pro headset is what mobile VR should be. The device is comfortable, has built-in headphones, and doesn’t make you want to claw your face off, because it’s actually comfortable!

I have used this headset for a while and recommend it to those who want to stay in the mobile VR space.


Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB
  • All-in-one VR: No PC. No wires. No limits. Oculus quest is an all-in-one gaming system built for virtual reality. Now you can play almost anywhere with just a VR headset and controllers.
  • Oculus touch controllers: arm yourself with the award-winning Oculus touch controllers. Your slashes, throws and grab appear in VR with intuitive, realistic Precision, transporting your hands and gestures right into the game

The Oculus Quest isn’t really mobile VR in the way that we’ve discussed. Instead, it’s an all-in-one contained VR headset, where the computer is built-in.

You end up getting almost PC like VR experiences, and the included Touch Controllers are amazing. If you think you’d rather skip the mobile stuff and go for a high-end device, you can’t do much better than the Oculus Quest.



I recommend that you stay away from the Vibe VR Headset. The device doesn’t have anything to offer and comes in more expensive than other headsets that do a better job.

If you want a mobile headset, go to the Noon VR Pro. If you want something high-end, go with the Quest.

If for some reason you do want to buy the Vibe VR Headset, you can do so by clicking the link below.

>> Check the Noon VR Pro Price <<

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